Our Customer Voices

We never get tired of hearing our customers share their experiences with our products and the wonderful effects they have had on their health. If you would like to share your thoughts on any of our products simply email us and let us know. Customer satisfaction is what drives Moss-Grove Natural Products.

Just wanted to let you know I have ordered 2 more bottles of muscle ease. I have 'planter faciitis' which is very painful. By rubbing into sole and heel as well as lower leg every day I can walk without pain. I also use joint ease for other pains.

June Strachan | Kent

Still using the natural deodorant and still loving it. Very effective - and that comes from a sweaty girl!

Packapouch | Ayrshire

Joint Ease is amazing. Really helps my knees and shoulders.

Mrs Marshall | Darlington

Just to say Arthritis lotion arrived I bought it for my Mother who is an OAP she has been in agony with her knees for a long time, last night she took a bought of pain and applied the lotion within a few minutes the pain was a lot less she could feel the lotion penetrating the knee, thank you for making your product.

She cant get over it hence me emailing you and she has tried all sorts of med's to help but with her age and contra indications she can't get cortisone injections.

Mark McLaren | Invergordon

I was given a bottle of your After Shave Balm, as a present. The stuff is genius. I haven’t had a shaving rash since I started using it. Thank you very much for a product that actually works.

Bill Ravenscroft | Manchester

"Just wanted to write and thank you again for providing the Muscle ease lotion for my marathon training and for the London marathon itself.

When you gave me Muscle Ease I was willing to try it but I wasn’t sure how much difference it would make, considering I was running for up to four hours at a time. The biggest difference was noted the morning after when I was able to get up with no stiffness at all. I felt as if my legs were rested and ready to train again, a huge benefit for the runner building up the miles.

From now on I will be using Muscle Ease as part of my training routine and I have already recommended your company/products to someone else.

Lyndsey | Troon

Having endured approximately 5 years of recurring, intermittent and worsening hip pain which I variously attributed to golf (stopping for 2 years due to discomfort), over-exercise, wear and tear or old-age (55); and subsequent 'trial periods' using the likes of Permaton (green muscle gel) for relief, I was fairly sceptical when an advocate of the locally produced joint lotion (above) recommended it. Within days of regular use I was noticing marked improvement, now after just over 1 month and 2/3 of a bottle, I am astonished no less to find myself consistently pain free entirely in the affected area. I am also pretty sure that compensatory motion (walking), altered posture and suchlike due to the hip pain had developed into periodic sciatica in the lower back and leg. This too has disappeared. I'm even back playing golf and driving pain free (this was getting painful and problematic). There is no doubt in my mind that Mossgrove joint ease is the sole factor in this amazing turnaround and I am pretty damned grateful for that recommendation now!

James Skilling

Although I don't have to use your Joint and Muscle Ease lotions daily, they are a godsend for easing the aches and pains of gardening, housework, decorating and other heavy jobs. A must for the first aid box..

Eileen Browse | Wallasey

Jim, thanks for the deodorant. I'm using it for a few day's now and I really like the results. No sting and it works.

Mary Campbell | Falkirk

First of all can I say that I'm glad you had a good response to your offer - and secondly, the product was more than worth the wait!!!!!

After 4 months of suffering neck and shoulder discomfort and not a little pain, following use of Joint Ease over a period of just one week, I can honestly say that I am enjoying the most trouble free comfort since a fall at the end of May.

Thank you, and your wife, for an amazing product and I am just off to your web site now to place an order for other products!

Pat Darwin | Southport

Thanks for the Joint Ease and Muscle Ease lotions and for the information about back pain that you sent me. My job and way of life allows that much like most farmers I have to work hard, often bent over feeding cattle or whatever. Over the years my back pain has just got worse and worse. My doctor gave me nothing but pills. Now I find that by applying your Joint Ease up my spine and the Muscle ease generally on my lower back and the cheeks of my buttocks and backs of my legs (that also get sore) I can live a fairly normal and pain-free life. Thanks for this and for your great products.

Jock Valance | Farmer

I hope you make this message public, as it deserves to be! What cant I say about the brilliance of this company. Products were the least expensive on the web for equivalent quality, only Scottish one not charging for postage, came day after ordering, packaged so nicely you could hand them straight over as a present (if I had wanted to) and the products were Brilliant! Unlike many Natural products, the Mens Deodarant smelled Manly, the Womans, Womanly.

Kevin & Helen | The Pans, East Lothian

I am enjoying the e mails that you send out on a Thursday. I have bought the joint and muscle lotions for my self and find them great to use.  I also buy both products for my father down in Dumfries.  He is in his 80's and I introduced him to your products last year. He swears by them, hence the double order for him. The prompt service is always much appreciated.

Fiona Nelson | Dumfries

Just a note to tell you I am very pleased with your Joint Ease. I would have no problem to recommend it to anyone.

Mr Pyper | Dundee

I have found Joint Ease very effective. What a relief it gives to my pain.

Mrs Atkinson | Brough

Heavy lifting and grasping knurled bars under strain had started to take its toll on my palms at the base of my fingers. I had already been wearing gloves to lessen the abrasion but struggled to shake off my rough skin due to the regularity of training 4 times a week. I tried rubbing in Moss Grove Skin Repair Lotion 30mins before and straight after my weight lifting and I am now free from rough hands. I would recommend this product to anyone who carries out manual work that can be tough on the skin.

Mark Richardson | Ayr

Thanks to you and your staff. I find the Joint Ease lotion wonderful for hands, knees and all joint pains.

Mrs McLaughlin | Kilmacolm

All the best for the New Year! Keep up the good work. It’s done it for me. I’m just gone 91 years old and now walking without a stick.

Mrs Harrison | Ecclefechan

I purchased your Joint Ease lotion from the Sunday Post advert and have found it very beneficial.

Mrs Oliphant | Fife

My husband reckons that Joint Ease is the best he has ever tried, especially as it’s natural and has no chemicals.

Mrs Ankers | Cheshire