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Dear valued customer, we can’t survive without you, yet we look upon our relationship in a way as a bit of a partnership. We thought we would try to explain why this is and how you can help us to help you.

Jim (and his lovely wife – Sheila) try to make Moss-Grove (and Skinlikes – where we produce our exceptional deodorant) the best and most natural skin-care and health care companies to be found. 

We are not exactly in the first flush of youth ourselves, but we are young at heart and work every day trying to find the ‘Holy Grail’; making the best and most-perfect skin-care products to be found.

Our brands are built on the belief that what we do will make the world a better place for all of us. We are very aware that people only decide to invest time and money in a company if the products sold will actually make their lives better. Given all the letters of thanks that we get on a more or less daily basis, we are reminded of our great work continually strive to further improve on our success and build more loyal customers.

We are a small company in global terms, yet the shocking truth about many products sold by big companies these days is that many of the ingredients have a dark history. One such constituent (known as Triclosan) is used as a propellant in cans of spray stuffs. Yet what is hidden from us is the fact that the product is actually known as Agent Orange and was used for deforestation in the Vietnam War.

Why indeed anyone would want to put these chemicals on their skin - that is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it, is beyond us and sadly so, when this chemical is just one of so many in use in skin care products.

Ulcergone Lotion

Baby Products

At Moss-Grove, Jim Steel, the founder, has developed most of the products we sell after the conclusion of research at various Scottish Universities. One of our products known as Ulcergone which we sell at our clinic in Troon (where Jim Specialises in treating people who suffer with back-pain) and where we find that this product is great at healing ulcers and wounds that some folks have had for a long time.

One person who has used the product is Vic Bull (a crofter from the Isle of Skye). who says: "I was hit by a ram's horn on my left shin, the cut did not heal and was going ulcerated. I applied your Ulcergone Lotion forst for two days under plasters then for three days without plasters and the ulcer has dried up and gone away leaving a slight red mark on my shin. After I received the lotion it took 5 days to heal up, less than a week."

Ulcergone appears to be good at healing wounds and diabetic ulcers. To take the product to the point where it can be sold as a medicine we will have to take it through the THR process at the MHRA. The cost in this is £60,000, but given our confidence in the product, combined with the fact that wound-healing is difficult given the overuse of antibiotics; we are currently saving hard towards this cost.

Baby Product Range

Baby Products

At Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen we have managed to mix sunflower oil and water and hold it in suspension without the need for any chemicals. This exciting development will be the basis for a range of baby products that we hope to launch later this year. We have three grandchildren with Daniel being the latest addition to our daughter Deborah’s lovely family.

Jim was appalled when he looked at the label of a well-known baby product that Deborah was planning to use that has probably sold millions of bottles, yet contains chemicals with unpronounceable names. New born babies need their skin to be moisturised, but who on earth would want to cover it with a chemical concoction such as this – and before Daniel had been applied with this concoction, Deborah agreed that a safer alternative would be a better option. We would hope that our products will be the safest to be found anywhere and so maybe in time our range of truly natural products for babies will receive the public acclaim that we think it should.


Skinlikes Deodorant

One product that is receiving rave reviews is our Skinlikes 100% Natural deodorant (, with Elise Christie the Olympic and world Medal winning ice skater recently writing some lovely words about the product. It uses ingredients that would be safe to eat, a blend of plant based therapeutic essential oils (the clever bit that makes it work) and nothing else. So our motto is – if its safe enought to eat, you can surely and safely put it on your skin.

Our Springtime Gift to you

Arthritis Lotion to offer a free bottle of deodorant with any Moss-Grove product purchased in May. If you don’t use such a product yourself, not everyone does, we are sure that you will have a friend, relation or your relative who would be happy to receive what truly is a unique product – as our sales that continue to grow and grow tell us.

Online Store

Thoroughbred workhorse

Arthritis Lotion

Of course it has to be our opinion that anyone who suffers with arthritic joints should consider using our Joint Ease lotion. Since launch in November 2011 we have sold over 40,000 bottles with most of our customers ordering over and over again. Others have written advising that they have found the product so successful in controlling their arthritis problems that just a little now and again keeps things ticking along nicely. We have happy customers and we receive more or less on a daily basis – letters of thanks – such as that received from Mrs Middleton (Derby).

She says: "My daughter told me the other day that I was walking better, that is because I use Joint Ease twice daily so it speaks for itself. Thanks to you & your Wife."

Given that currently there is no cure for arthritis and that other products have contra-indications, we reckon that our little product is a sensible alternative to keep joints supple and a bit less painful. You can purchase it here.

Last but not least


What is important to us is what you think about all that we do, the products that we have and will continue to develop – what do we need to do to keep you hale and hearty?

So we would ask you to send us a few words to Tell us what you think about us, things that we could do to improve and don't worry, we won’t be offended by any suggestions but by doing so you will help us to help you.

After all its our aim to become the most-natural skin-care and health-care company to be found. And remember that given the years that Jim has spent working in complementary medicine he may just have the answer to some problem that has been troubling you – and where a little but of common sense and some of God’s given natural ingredients may do the trick.

You can give us a call 01292 679135 – and remember that if we are busy working filling bottles and processing orders, then don’t be afraid. Leave us a message. We always return the call.

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